IT Consulting in Hanoi, Vietnam

You have enough trouble with understanding the local language in Vietnam without your computer guy blinding you with jargon.

I help expat and local businesses to make the most of their PCs, networks and databases. I have nearly a decade's experience in Silicon Valley and in private practice to apply to your problem.

More importantly, I can discuss your problem with you in an easy-to-understand, non-technical way, if you so wish.

I like to say that I am fluent in 3 languages: English, French and Computer. I can translate among these languages to help you understand your options.

Having lived and worked in Hanoi for more than 3 years I am also conversant in Vietnamese, and can work well with your local staff and suppliers.

Among the areas I can help with are:

Web Application Development

Making web applications is what I love to do. Designing and building database-driven dynamic websites using open technologies also happens to be what I've been doing all my professional life.

I started with Perl, working in Silicon Valley startups and larger concerns like Red Hat. Later I learned PHP and it's in PHP that I've probably written the most code, including the whole codebase for, a community-driven restaurant and bar review site for Hanoi, Vietnam's english-speaking expat community. This site also gives me valuable experience in dealing with multibyte character-sets and i18n / l10n in general.

I've recently discovered Ruby and Rails, and I feel like I've come home after a long spell in the wilderness. PHP is useful and widely-accepted, but when I started using Ruby and found I guessed the syntax right most of the time without consulting the manual I realized Ruby is a language made for me. I wrote my first Rails app for a real estate client, Chapman Enstone, and I'm pretty happy with the platform. This site is running off another Rails app, Mephisto.